WWI Call Field Living Museum

Residents, aviators and visitors to Wichita Falls are pleased that the dream of returning an airworthy piece of history to the City has been realized. Kickapoo Downtown Airport is now the home of the World War I Call Field Living Museum. The museum honors and memorializes the brave men who trained in Wichita Falls at the World War I Army Air Corp base known as Call Field. The base operated in Wichita Falls from 1917-1918 with hundreds of pilots learning to fly using the Curtiss JN4-D "Jenny."

The Jenny

Only five of Curtiss Jenny's remain in flying condition in the world. Museum organizers are proud that the citizens and City Leaders of Wichita Falls financed the purchase of one of the five, now the center piece of the museum. The Wichita Falls "Jenny," call number 2525 Sierra, is airworthy and is flown for demonstrations on special occassions.

Museum Operation

The museum is funded and operated by the Museum of North Texas History. For information on the museum and this project, please visit the Museum of North Texas History website or contact the museum at (940) 322-7628. You can also read more by going to this article in the Times Record News.


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